Tinker’s Dam is a fun place with lots of diverse interests. We formed as a family business in September of 2019.

Andy Frey – Tinker’s Dam is a part time endeavor for me. I work full time for the Iowa Department of Transportation as a lead of a software development team. My whole life I’ve been interested in cars, whether it was because we were to broke to pay someone to fix them, or just building that unique ride I just couldn’t live without. 

Brian Frey – I am at Tinker’s Dam full time so when you call, there is a good chance it will be me. My interest in cars started when I got my first car. I realized quickly I couldn’t afford much as a 16 year old in high school so learning how to work on cars became a good way to save money. Now I have my own little collection of Fords including two Mustangs, an F-150, and an old trooper Crown Vic.

We might show a little bias towards Ford… but that is just because we love a little debate. We really love them all. After all, we do have several Opels, which was a GM car, produced in Germany, and then sold in the U.S. at Buick dealerships. 

Although Cars are the primary function of our business, it is definitely true we couldn’t just stick to cars. Our curiosity has taken us into all sorts of endeavors. Small scale machining on a small CNC mill and lathe, welding including MIG and TIG, metal forming with planishing hammer, english wheel, brake and bead roller, computers, 3D printing, knife sharpening (all the way down to .1 micron on lapping film…that’s sharp!), engraving and about anything else we can think of. Hence the name ‘Tinker’s Dam’. We just can’t stop tinkering with new things and old things.

So, if you have a project or task in front of you that you need help with, just stop in or give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help!